Kehilat Moreshet Avraham...

A center of spiritual-cultural Judaism

In the neighborhood of Armon HaNatziv, Jerusalem

A social, educational, and spiritual space that grows from the treasures of Jewish tradition

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Who We Are

We are a traditional Jerusalem community that strives to promote a sensitive, justice-seeking, and multifaceted Judaism; a Judaism that connects man to his fellow man, and connects people to the roots of their lives. The community and synagogue is open to adults and youth, immigrants and veterans, families and individuals and those with special needs. Under the leadership of the community's rabbis, Rabba Amirit Rosen and Rabbi David Goodman, and a wide network of friends and volunteers, we create a space of prayer, study, song, creativity, kindness, and a significant spiritual search.

About Us

Our Values in Action


Social involvement and reform are an integral part of our religious world. We lead initiatives of charity and assistance to the needy in Jerusalem.


Learning together is an important component of the community experience at Moreshet Avraham. We offer frameworks for studying, deepening, and getting to know the richness of the sources.


We respond and support our friends in times of joy and sorrow, and accompany each other in times of crisis.


Prayer is a way to connect to the Creator of the world, to ourselves and to those around us, and an opportunity to express intentionally and in song what is in our hearts. Prayer is the opportunity for the community to gather, rejoice, and mourn together. Prayer at KMA is egalitarian and the yeshiva is shared. The synagogue is accessible to wheelchairs, children, and families.

Your Events with us

Our synagogue is bright and spacious. We have meeting space, an event hall, and a full kitchen. Join us for your memorable and meaningful events!

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

After preparation with our Rabbis, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs are positive and meaningful celebrations with the community. We will be happy to share our knowledge and sanctuary with your special people.

Brit Mila

Come and share the exciting moment of the Covenant and the giving of the name at KMA.

Family Events

Celebrations, holiday meals, Sheva Brachot, Simchat Bat, life rituals and ceremonies...

Programs in our community

בית מדרש: הזדמנויות למידה

הלימוד המשותף הוא מרכיב חשוב בחוויה הקהילתית במורשת אברהם. בכל תפילה אנו משלבים דרשה, ובנוסף מציעים מסגרות ללימוד, להעמקה ולהיכרות עם העושר שבמקורות.

דור לדור: חממה ליהדות צעירה

לאורך כל השנה מספקת קהילת מורשת אברהם פעילויות, הצגות חינוכיות ואירועים מיוחדים למשפחות סביב לוח השנה העברי. אנו מסורים לעתידנו המשותף ומבקשים לטפח ולהרחיב תוכניות לילדים ולמשפחות.

Preparation for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

שלנו אנו משתמשים במסגרת הרפתקאות Dungeons & Dragons כדי ללמד ערכים יהודיים ובתרגולים המאפשרים לבני הנוער להתחבר מחדש ליהדות בדרך חדשה.

נוע"ם תלפ"ז: תנועת נוער

החדשות האחרונות שלנו

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