Your event at Kehillat Moreshet Avraham

KMA is pleased to offer its special space and atmosphere for your occasions – from Brit Milot, Bar/Bat Mitzvot, family gatherings, and birthdays to community events such as seminars, conferences, and galas.

Reservations for events are only confirmed upon receipt of a deposit and a signed agreement. Deposits are also required for a "save the date" reservation or an "in case of rain" reservation.

The events listed below are for standard events; additional options are listed after.

Membership to KMA has its rewards! Community members can get up to a 50% discount on event rentals described on this page. (KMA [annual?] Membership costs 600 ₪ and can result in savings for anyone having a large event or full event.)

Prices and descriptions for private events

Small Event: 1200 ₪

A small event is for up to 60 people for up to 4 hours and the use of one room. The rental includes basic cleaning, basic setup of tables and chairs, and a hot water urn.

Large Event: 1800 ₪

A large event is for 50-100 people for up to 4 hours and the use of two rooms. Expanded setup options are available. The rental includes basic cleaning, basic setup of tables and chairs, and a hot water urn.

Full event: 2400 ₪

A full event is a more extensive setup that often requires the main floor of our Heichal to be cleared of chairs. Suitable for up to 180 people, events with large guest lists and complex logistics will enjoy the use of two or more rooms. The rental includes basic cleaning, basic setup of tables and chairs, and a hot water urn.

Optional services and add-ons

Prices below are per event. Clients are encouraged to inquire about additional services and customized packages to suit their needs.

Audio-visual tech options:

  • Use of projector, screen, computer connection,* microphone, and JBL speaker: 500 ₪
  • Use of microphone and JBL speaker only: 300 ₪
  • Use of projector and screen only, with connection to computer:* 200 ₪

* We suggest putting your presentation on a disk-on-key which we can pre-load and test on KMA's computer. You can alternatively bring your own laptop and/or send us a link to download your presentation locally.

Food, drink, and cleaning options:

  • Kitchen & dining attendant (KMA staff service person): prices on request.
  • Premium coffee bar (teas, Turkish, etc.): prices on request.
  • Full post-event cleaning (includes surfaces, floors, dishes, etc.): prices on request.
  • Additional staff for setup/clean-up: prices on request.
  • Extra hours for hall rental and event staff: prices on request.
  • Equipment rental: prices on request. Examples: use of up to 4 platot; extensive refrigerator/freezer space; 2-speaker stereo audio with sound mixer and multiple inputs.

Client responsibilities

  • Notification of requirements: Clients are expected to inform Kehilat Moreshet Avraham of their chair and table requirements, as well as any needs for timer settings (platot, lights, air conditioning), at least one week prior to the event date.
  • Return of equipment: Clients are responsible for returning tables and chairs to the agreed-upon location (stacked if appropriate) after the event.
  • Tidiness: Clients are expected to ensure the floor is clear of debris (sweeping) before and after the event.
  • Good neighbors: No excessive noise or music is allowed after 22:00 (10pm). Smoking is allowed outside only with the nearby doors/windows closed (to prevent smoke from entering the building). We recycle as much as possible in designated bins.

Discounts and pricing policies

Prices are subject to change based on specific event requirements and customization.

Discounts are available for members of Kehilat Moreshet Avraham: 50% of the event price. For members of Maayanot, Klausner, and other affiliated organizations (at the discretion of KMA) discounts can be given up to 15% of the event price.

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